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Major Setback

Posted on 2007/08/31 22:16:57 (August 2007).

[Friday 31st August]

I just wish that I could write something different on the blog something along the lines of "Finally" or "Fucking YES" or "the Wheel is turning!", but I can't.

Today I have suffered the first, and hopefully last, setback related to work.

Basically a company that I have visited several times, with whom I spoke a lot about potential employment, that I believed really liked me and that I quite looked forward working for, told me that I am not needed.

Officially they said that they really liked me and all, but their decision is not to invest in the Asian markets at least until the exchange rate cools off a bit and intercontinental sales are looking more "promising" than what they are at the moment.

To be honest the period for textiles in Asia is dreadful, a far too strong Euro and the competition from China is shrinking the possibilities of apparel companies to buy from Italy and I cannot really say that they have got it wrong.
Of course I argued that if you do not invest (i.e. take a dedicated person to do those markets) the situation will never improve for them, but the answer has been a polite "no thank you".

I was really cocooning the idea of working for these people, everything seemed right, but as a matter of fact it did not happen.

I'll skip all the explanation of the dreadful feeling about being let down, about the fact that the balloon popped right in front of me, with a strong enough "bang" to let me realize that I am left high and dry, and without that escape route that I was looking for.

Now it's back to point one, fortunately I still have a source of income, as much hateful and shite as it might be it's still paying so I'd better stick to it.

Morale is low, maybe the same level that it touched when my car was stolen.

Under that point of view (the car) things are finally moving and the solicitor that I have explained me the battle plan that hopefully will get me some money soon enough to start thinking about what car I will go for next. I'd love a bi-fuel car, but the choice is pretty limited in Italy and they are all sedans and I do not want such a big car... Oh well I guess I have more important things to worry about in the immediate future, like finding another job soon.

Sometimes I wish that things were easier than what they are at the moment....

Comment 1

Well, just look on the bright side - you have a beautiful woman to share your life with; you are intelligent and have a lot of really great friends (!) and what's more, if you put your effort into it, you could easily find a great job at any company "worth it's salt"!!!! I don't exaggerate!! Maybe things look a bit bleak from time to time. but I know a lot of people and you know, you are one of the stars! So... Get to it! :D

Posted by Nigel at 2007/09/01 18:11:00.

Comment 2

Pity we live so far away from each other. I would have knocked at your door and said: "C'mon, let's go downtown for a beer !". The ultimate consolation...!

Posted by Sheri at 2007/09/01 20:02:15.

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