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Dungeons & Dragons

Posted on 2007/09/05 20:13:39 (September 2007).

[Wednesday 5th September]

Today I have read (and watched on Youtube) about the new version of Dungeons & Dragons, now arrived to the 4th edition.

I have been playing Role Playing Games for a long time now, it is more or less twenty years, and I still love them.
In Italy I think that our generation was the very first to stumble on this new type of games that came out in the '80, so far so good.

In the several videos that I managed to see, and in several movies that hinted to the RPG phenomenon that I have watched, I could not help noticing how in the US (and maybe UK too, although I did not feel it all that much when I was living there) the typical RPG player is considered a low life, devil worshipper, wimpy human being... A geek.

What strikes me is the fact that in the US it seems that this "common sense" of RPG players being worthy only of vivisection, is very strong. I have found lots of pages making fun of RPG players, and I wonder...

Well, it seems that geekness is now getting cool, probably because technology is becoming more and more integrated with our daily life. Think about mobile phones, how many people would spend lots of cash on the latest phone just to look cool? Wouldn't that apply to geekness in a way?
Still RPGs seems to have a lot of miles to walk, take Shrek the 3rd, they are put down there as well, in the movie that fights all "common senses"...

Oh well, if you played RPG have you ever been target of jokes and the likes for it?

Comment 1

Not much my cup of tea, I'm afraid. Too virtual for me. I prefer to live in the real world, despite its ugliness.

Posted by Sheri at 2007/09/09 21:17:18.

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