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Posted on 2007/09/17 09:14:00 (September 2007).

[12th - 14th September 2007]

"Moda Unica" is the Italian textile fair that is held in Milan every six months, and as I did in the past six years I had to attend to it.

Generally speaking it's a great chance to meet friends from several companies, shake a couple hundred hands and see the new collections.
Workwise, as the Japanese market is so "late" in making decisions, both the fairs in Milan and Paris (next week) are quite useless, as the clients are not ready to make any choice yet, but it is viewed as an "event" to which anyone working in the field cannot miss.

I remember this to be a major point of argument with my previous employers who were happy to pay 200.000 euros just to "be there", even if it had no practical feedback (read: orders) or anything...

Anyways, Milan is as ugly as ever, I never really liked the city, probably because I never really lived there. The fair was boring, stressful and tiring, as usual.

The last day I even had to meet my boss, who this time decided that it was good to speak to me, at least the usual chit-chat idle talk that normally you do when a client is with you (and there was a client who's a great friend of mine there with him, so he could not be impolite).

Schedule in Paris will be harder, but it's a medicine that has to be taken...

Comment 1

... And you can tell your boss where to go - at last!!! :D

Posted by Nigel at 2007/09/17 13:38:07.

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