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Posted on 2007/09/22 10:57:52 (September 2007).

[17th - 21st September]

The usual textile show took place also this year, and that meant that I had to take place to the usual fair near Charles de Gaulle hotel.

But this time rather than the usual ramble about the uselessness of these appointments I will talk about the fact that after a long time I felt quite at home in Paris.

Yes, it was probably because this time, in the attempt of saving a little money, Chiara's mother gently lent me their little apartment in the centre of Paris.
The area where it is situated is quite nice (Maret), and going back there every day after the fair really felt like going back home after a day's work.

Hotels sometimes are so lacking character...

Anyways I even managed to practice my crappy French, with mixed results.

1. While buying a "Pain au chocolat" I did my thing and asked nicely to the bakery staff, but she replied to me in ITALIAN (for god's sake!!!), completely ruining my appetite.

2. While asking for a light to a group of guys just outside the house one of them started speaking in French to me (AHA! Sign that I did a good job), I told them (in English) that I did not understand and he told me that he liked my strange accent... When I told Chiara about it she said that Maret is a very well known place for homosexuals. 'Nuff said.

3. At least I must look French. I have been stopped by countless people asking me for directions, shame for them that I barely knew myself where was I!!

Anyway the trip wasn't as bad as other ones, so now it's back to old Italian routine.

Comment 1

I particularly liked point (1) - it is a source of humiliation constantly suffered by English people, and it is somehow gratifying to hear even the Italians can be a victim of this too!

...mind you, there can't be that many Italian speakers in France, so maybe it wasn't so much "oh bloody hell this person's French is crap, I suppose I'd better speak Italian" as much as "hooray! finally a chance to practice my Italian!". Whenever I meet anyone Japanese now I am usually falling over myself to have an opportunity to practice on them.

Posted by John at 2007/09/22 12:00:09.

Comment 2

Good to hear you enjoying a business trip, Lox! Hope things go ok this week.

Posted by Nigel at 2007/09/24 10:31:49.

Comment 3

Lox: Bonjour, je voudrais un pain au chocolat.
Baker: Ma va cagare, stronzolano !!!!

Posted by Sheri at 2007/09/25 20:50:31.

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