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Struggling for Rest

Posted on 2007/10/05 15:48:53 (October 2007).

[Friday 5th October]

It wasn't before late afternoon that Stalflare managed to reach the city that he saw in the distance. Tired from many nights spent in the wilderness Kevin soon realized that some rest would have been great... He started dreaming about spending a week, maybe two, doing little else but eating, sleeping and generally resting, trying to catch up with the news and more importantly understand where the long wander in the forest lead him to...

As the city drew closer Kevin realized that he had to adjust his plan, from a "little two weeks holiday" (because while walking he got convinced more and more that he needed it) to a mere "let's hope I can sleep in a proper bed TONIGHT".
The size and quality of the houses were clearly below standard, there weren't enough buildings to call the place a city, but rather an "overgrown village", it was clear that the little harbour drove a very rapid and uncontrolled expansion on the coast, with houses and structures that literally climbed over the thick defensive walls to continue their growth outside the perimeter.

The smoke that Stalflare saw from distance wasn't the usual chimney or peasant burning some field for the crop rotation, it was part of the external buildings that were set on fire and now where cooling down after the flames did their job.

It was clear that there had been a battle quite recently, two or three days at most, and it was clear that whomever attacked also withdrew from the field, leaving a little present for the citizens to deal with and a lot of tracks on the fields in front of the walls.

The gate was intact, although it had been attacked with a ram or a similar device, guards and citizens were scavenging the area for remains. Kevin decided to proceed, "at least one night in a real bed and some warm mulled wine will suffice", this thought was driving his aching muscles to move on.

As the first citizens started to turn their gaze towards Stalflare, a guard rushed inside the walls and when Kevin arrived closer to the field he could make out a rather corpulent and bearded figure walking briskly out of the gates followed by two guards who had some issues with keeping the pace and avoiding the clutter that was spread all over the ground.

"Welcome to Lordschaft stranger. I am Franz Kleinhat, ruler of the city. Identify yourself!", said the man in a very calm and clear voice....

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