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Car Woes continue

Posted on 2007/10/23 08:18:06 (October 2007).

[Tuesday 23 October]

As some of you know I have been away for quite some time, upon my arrival back in Pizzaland the problem of the stolen car was once more on the headlines for me.

I assumed that my grandmother could simply lend me her car again, after all it's not like she's able to drive anymore and the helper that stays with her all day doesn't have a driving licence...

Well, that "DOESN'T", become "DIDN'T"...

It appears that the person that was attending to my grandmother needs has been fired on the charges of being a thief. If that might appear shocking to all of you, it has to be said that it is the fifth person in three years that gets fired on these accounts.
My grandmother has a nasty habit of hiding things in places that she now doesn't remember anymore.

Then when she doesn't find a certain key or bag she blames it on the people that are in the house. Eventually this stuff comes out, but of course the nurse has been fired and a new one is already there.

To make a long story short, a new nurse has been hired and apparently this person CAN DRIVE!!! Tragedy struck me on Sunday when I realized that I had to borrow Chiara's car, a very old Opel Corsa, that is about to buy the farm...

Well it bought it today when I was driving to work (classic)...

Basically the exhauster fell off when I was climbing a speed bump, but it didn't completely fall down, it is still attached to the bumper so I could hear a strange noise of metal grinding on the asphalt. Fortunately a colleague of mine was passing by that area, so I called him and he could pick me up to go to work.

When I was parking the car of course I have had a further incident, the exhauster that was dangling from the bumper got stuck in a hole of the road and physically worked as a lever that lifted the rear end of the car. Eventually the car came down, now the exhauster is stuck on the other side (still firmly attached to the bumper), so the car cannot move at all.

I managed to park it allright, and got to work.

That brings us to the insurance company troubles. As you know my car was insured against theft. I hired a solicitor to deal with the garage owner, but he is also taking care of getting the money from my insurance, that he said "was going to be the easiest thing"...
Well it appears that it's quite the contrary, my insurance received all the documents more than two months ago and still NOT EVEN A LETTER to say anything.
We then decided to sue them, but at the present time we still haven't got a reply.

By the looks of it there is my money will still take a long time to come which means that I cannot buy a new car, but since the situation is so dire I will probably have to take a loan or something, and hope that the interests will be paid either by the insurance or by the garage responsible for my stolen car.
Having said that, in Italy, there is no certainty with lawyers, it might happen that nobody will cover for this additional damage that I am experiencing...

So that's it. At the moment I am considering buying a AURIS (Toyota) or a 308 (Peugeot). If any of you readers have any recommendation/info on the cars please feel free to post them.

Of course I have to hope that they will ship the car soon, but that's another story....

Comment 1

Crickey Lox, what a tale of woe! Is Chiara still talking to you now? :(

As for the car - I have strong views AGAINST Peugeot. Probably totally unfounded and irrational. Besides it is totally unsuitable for someone in the fashion industry!! :D :D Too "common" !!

Posted by Nigel at 2007/10/23 08:50:47.

Comment 2

Chiara is talking allright, she knew that the car would break any moment. As for the car we tried the Toyota, Chaira did not like it (too anonymous and cheap she said), I liked it (mostly on the grounds of having a lot of people telling me that it's reliable and fuel efficient). But I am going to test drive the Peugeot and then I'll make my mind.

Posted by Lox at 2007/10/23 09:15:00.

Comment 3

... I saw a Fiat Stilo in full "GTI" dress yesterday. I thought it was a very chic-looking car...

Posted by Nigel at 2007/10/28 16:10:09.

Comment 4

Nigel: It's kind of strange that outside Italy Fiat is regarded as stylish... I have to admit that I have a strong negative bias against Fiat, but probably it's a totally stupid thing, more along the lines of "the grass is greener...".. At the moment 308 is looking like the next car in line...

Posted by Lox at 2007/10/28 22:19:43.

Comment 5

Brillianty, Lox, BRILLIANT. Thanks for inspiring me ! I know how to start my script !

Posted by Sheri at 2007/10/29 05:48:59.

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