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Family Reunion

Posted on 2007/11/25 18:59:42 (November 2007).

[Sunday 18th November 2007]

It must have been a very special day, because after a VERY long time my family (me, My sister, my Dad and Mum) actually spent an afternoon together, on a day that was not a major festivity (see Christmas) or a special day such as my sister's wedding.

The excuse was the fact that my nephew Gabriele was with Alice (my sister) and therefore since she wanted to have a walk around Florence we everyone spontaneously joined.

We went to see a market for antiques (totally boring) and then we walked the streets of the centre of Florence to look around some shops. All in all a nice afternoon.

Then before dinner we separated, Alice wanted to see her friends, so she left my mum with Gabriele and me and my dad went back home.

It was good to see Alice and Gabriele, I never get to spend a lot of time with them (and Rachele the other nephew too), which is a shame, but they live in Sardinia, not exactly around the corner... As for the family bit, it was weird in a way to see all of us together, as nothing had happened (my parents are divorced), but nonetheless if felt nice.

A good Sunday!

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