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A good Saturday

Posted on 2007/12/02 11:46:46 (December 2007).

[Saturday 1st December 2007]

Today it was a very good Saturday.

First of all I managed to sleep soundly and with no "incident" like it happened during the week with me turning and sweating a lot...

Then I had some quick lunch at home and took the bike around 2 PM to go to the centre of Florence where Chiara was waiting for me at the hotel. Finally after more than 2 months we managed to have an afternoon together!
We went shopping (got a pair of trousers) and then walked around a lot to look for Christmas presents.

Around seven-ish we decided to go for an early dinner, Chiara wanted to have some "boiled" ("bollito" as we call it here, it is essentially boiled parts of pork and cow with a green sauce, very Florentine and quite nice), but the restaurant of choice was closed (name of the place "Sostanza detto il Troia" - "Substance a.k.a. The Bitch", one of the oldest most popular places in Florence).
We then decided to go to another one with a more agreeable name "Marione", quite famous as well. Dinner was ok I guess, we shared a "Ribollita" (Vegetable and bread soup) and then Chiara had her "bollito" while I went for a "Tagliata" (Steak cut in slices, hence the name Tagliata which means "cut").

To be honest wine and Ribollita were great, but the meat was not so good in my opinion. All in all the dinner was quite cheap so we went out and separated, Chiara has to finish her thesis and I had an appointment with Gianfranco and Federico to go to see 1408, with Samuel L.Jacson and John Kusak.
The movie it's okish. Nothing majorly great but there are some parts where you jump in your seat. The end it's quite disappointing but hey, I think they didn't know how to bring it to a close...

When I came back home Chiara was there writing away and we went to bed after some review of the paper.

A very good Saturday, took my mind off many problems that we have at work, it's a shame that I cannot talk about it on the blog, but it's a price that I have to pay if I want to make sure that my previous employers pay me the outstanding invoices...

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