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Welcome 2008...

Posted on 2008/01/01 20:30:09 (January 2008).

[Tuesday 1st January 2008]

The first day of the year is usually a good occasion to start thinking about what happened in the past 365 days, and of course take a good look (where possible) to the things that will come.

2007 has been a difficult year for me, if I do not think too deeply I can remember:

1. Splitting up with Marta and finding Chiara three months after.
2. Had a very bad experience with my previous employer (a famous Japanese company), experience that is coming to an end on March 2008, although I am technically not working for them anymore.
3. Health could have been better, my knee had another injury in September and I thought that I had to go through surgery again, but fortunately it was not like that!
4. My car got stolen in June and I still haven't got the money of the insurance (and of course I haven't got a new car either).

I met a lot of people, I have came across a lot of faces, seen a lot of different places, travelled my usual "hideous amount".

I have a very tough schedule ahead, at least for the first four months, on the job side. But 2008 could be a good year to consolidate the things that started in 2007 and finally, manage to gain a bit of stability in my life.

The move back to Florence has been great, but on the other side there are too many things "up in the air" that need badly to come down to start building seriously something... I am feeling that things are moving slowly towards that direction, one and an half year of total madness have been interesting and hard, but now it's time to finally settle back here at 100%, if I am lucky...

Let's hope for the best, it's all I can do, together with trying to give it my best shot of course! :D

Happy 2008 everyone,

May the force be with you....

Comment 1

Best wishes to you and Chiara, for a settled, productive and most of all happy 2008 Lox!!

Posted by Nigel at 2008/01/01 22:20:35.

Comment 2

Thanks Nigel!! Same to you and your family!! :D

Posted by Lox at 2008/01/01 22:24:30.

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