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Crap Saturday

Posted on 2008/01/06 09:34:44 (January 2008).

[Saturday 5th January 2008]

The first weekend of the year has been pretty dire. First of all after being exposed to all sorts of sick people (my nephews, mother, colleagues and RPG friends) my body decided that it was time to come down YET AGAIN with general seasonal sickness and shite.

I cannot take it anymore, I really had enough of this I have been in this condition for more than three months now.

Anyways the Saturday was completely spoiled, I had to go with Chiara in the center of Town to do some shopping, but that was a major no-no. We then directed ourselves to the supermarket, as the fridge is totally empty, and at least replenished that.

The groceries shopping experience when sick is terrible. On a Saturday afternoon it seems that all Florence meets in that bloody supermarket, so the usual bumping, tossing, chipping, excusing, cussing is brought to levels that only a mosh-pit can generate.

The evening was quite normal, watched TV (Toy Story 1 and 2, Chiara didn't see them before) and then we went to bed.

Here the highlight of the day was not a session of scolding hot "bed gymnastics", but instead a jar covered in some aluminium foil...

Chiara has a colleague that comes from Morocco, a lovely lady that every now and then gets some relieve packs from Morocco.
Well the jar was nothing more, nothing less than the famous "Moroccan Magic Potion"!
I don't know what was inside it, it smelled like curry and had a blackish/dark green colour. Clearly made of leaves and spices and seeds, all minced together, the "Magic Potion" is not liquid, but quite gooey/finely minced instead.
Chiara is into these "natural" remedies, which makes me a unwilling user of the stuff, I will spare the descriptions of the "gentle" hints to use this and that that only a woman can dish out...

Back to our potion, It tasted like a soft, gone off curry, with hints of almond and Chiara said that I had to chew the thing and swallow it avoiding to drink water at all costs until the morning...

Well apart from the fact that I felt my throat going on fire, the not drinking part was the hardest one because I started having a massive headache, and the back pains... I wanted to take the usual painkiller.

So all night was spent fighting the three different pains that I had, eventually I think I have slept but for a Saturday night I could have hoped for better... :(

In the morning the Moroccan Magic Potion effects faded away, but I feel that I wasted a good night rest because of it!!

Comment 1

Sounds horrid! I am highly dubious about the not drinking water part - personally I think getting plenty of fluids is more important than any kind of medicine when you're ill - in fact even when you're not ill it is more important than just about anything for your regular day-to-day health.

...but then I'm not a doctor. Well, not that kind of doctor.

Posted by John at 2008/01/06 10:33:13.

Comment 2

I'm off to have a pint of water now.

Posted by John at 2008/01/06 10:33:32.

Comment 3

I agree on the water part, it's important to have plenty of fluids running around the body, but I think that this Magic Potion, needs not to be diluted because otherwise it goes straight to the stomach, while I suspect (and my sore throat is a strong clue to this idea) that just swallowing the goo it will allow it to stick everywhere releasing the "good bits" that should make me feel less ill... Oh well pint of water for me as well now!

Posted by Lox at 2008/01/06 12:30:39.

Comment 4

To be honest I am always rather dubious of "natural" remedies. Its seems that some people assume because its natural it must be good for. Case in point- rhubarb leaves- poison, Death-cap mushrooms - poison. Also magic potions have the potential to be Very Dangerous. How do you know you are not allergic to one of the Magic ingredients.
I am sure if you had peanut allergies you would NEVER take a magic potion remedy just in case there where ground nuts in it!

Also the fluids thing sounds like a good idea, also aspirin is a natural drug thats found in many plants and trees i.e in their barks.

... Hope you feel better soon though :)

Posted by Kev at 2008/01/06 12:47:19.

Comment 5

Kev: Normally I agree completely, but faithful to my very dangerous philosophy of trying everything once, I went for the Magic Potion. Fortunately I have no allergy that I am not aware of, but the risk is always there... Still I like venturing myself into these experiments, although once I woke up this morning I went back to the normal allopathic medicine! :D

Posted by Lox at 2008/01/06 12:59:40.

Comment 6

Well as I always say, why trust a qualified medical practitioner when you can self-medicate using
magic remedy potions and Germolene . :D :D

Posted by Kev at 2008/01/06 13:20:29.

Comment 7

Yes, I'm tempted to agree, guys. "Natural" doesn't always mean "healthy"! There is though, common-sense in natural stuff. As Kev says, Aspirin is natural - and us chaps need a bit of blood-thinning as we get older too!

As for cold-viruses, my better-half (who actually does have a cold at the moment) hardly ever gets any of the bugs I bring home. Whereas I suffer interminably with all these minor bugs, Joc seems mostly immune. I reckon it's a lady thing, that us chaps just don't have...

Posted by Nigel at 2008/01/06 17:59:20.

Comment 8

Kev: Well I am actually against the "natural is always good for you" thinking, but since is my other half having such thoughts that forces me to think in the same way for the sake of a better living standard (i.e. avoid pointless fights)... :D As for women and illness they are much more resilient, or germs tend to strike in a heavier way on us males... Chiara had a bit of a cold but she was allright in no time!! Wonder why when I have the bugs I can barely speak or do anything useful (snigger) :D

Posted by Lox at 2008/01/06 18:13:51.

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