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Nightmare from the past

Posted on 2008/02/21 22:41:36 (February 2008).

[Thursday 21st February 2008]

I do not feel like writing too much about it, but today I lived a very close match to what happened to me HERE. This time the place of choice is Colombia and the venue a second wedding ceremony to which I cannot attend for work related issues.
More or less the feelings that I am going through are the same as before, I'll write about them later when I manage to collect the things after the storm.

Incidentally reading through the post from June I noticed a comment made by a so called Leyla, which I would have loved to reply if I had seen it sooner.

The comment comes once again from a person that cannot stand the fact that I write personal things on net internet, a point that apparently is shared by other readers that cannot come to terms with the fact that I can express my thoughts in this way.

Well, I am sorry if the post offend someone, or actually I do not give a flying fuck about it, that's the way it is full stop.

The thing that I do not understand is why someone should keep things inside. What is the difference between writing about a day at the park and some feelings that are caused by such and such event?
Why do people refuse to understand that writing about almost everything is also a way to put in discussion the ideas that one thinks are right?
What is so wrong with sharing these moments with other people, even unknown?

I guess I will never know, it's down to the way people are educated I think, and I am not going to criticize a way or another.

Me? I think that with no dialogue comes no growth.

Anyway, the events might shed some light onto a relationship that clearly is far from perfect, I guess it's badly needed...

Comment 1

Just had a look at the Leyla comment on your other post - what a sad individual...! Let's pity her "daughter"... :-)

Posted by Bryan at 2008/02/21 23:03:12.

Comment 2

Bryan: The fact is that I even think that I know that person... But then again everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, it's just that when criticism is so fierce there is so little "will" to discuss... Sometimes I envy these people that are so "sure" of the righteousness of their ideas...

Posted by Lox at 2008/02/22 14:53:41.

Comment 3

M sympathies, Lox. I hope things work out. Stay true to yourself - your view is every bit as valid as any other person's.

Posted by Nigel at 2008/02/22 16:02:50.

Comment 4

Left a comment on the relevant entry. I suppose she will never read it. Still...
I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Posted by Sheri at 2008/02/22 17:37:58.

Comment 5

Lox - any psychiatrist would tell you it is really important to have an outlet for the stuff that is causing you concern in day-to-day life. Whether the opinions you express here are acceptable to the masses or not is almost irrelevant. The point is that you have the opportunity to get stuff off your chest.

Once upon a time we lived in the same house, so we could have had these sorts of conversations over a couple of cans of John Smiths sitting on those crappy old knackered sofas. I think the blog these days is in a sense a substitute for that.

Don't pay too much attention to the Leylas of this world. Presumably she doesn't actually know you and so has no real context for how to react to your posts.

Posted by John at 2008/02/24 02:23:56.

Comment 6

John: You are right, unfortunately those are times gone now, I would really need to be there one more night to have a chat or two (and get some baked beans tipped on my head). I am not going to change the way I write the blog, it has been quite hard for me not being able to write about work and contracts but that will hopefully soon finish. I do not mind the criticism from other readers, actually it' good, I mind when the comments are too closed minded such as "it's all shite", "you are all wrong", because these are conversation killers... Oh well, let's look ahead...

Posted by Lox at 2008/02/24 09:58:08.

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