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Posted on 2008/03/02 22:31:37 (March 2008).

[Sunday 2nd March 2008]

Fiorentina is Florence football team, of which I am a proud supporter since 1975, pretty much when I was born.

Today one of the dreams that we supporters have came true.

We have beaten A.C.Juventus, probably Fiorentina's biggest rival, well in injury time, after going down 2 goals to 1 at the beginning of the second half.

I was in tears, screaming like a madman at Gianfranco's place (where we meet every Sunday to watch the matches on TV).

Let's hope for this event to be the first of a long series, for many years we have had only disappointments, we even saw our team bankrupting and being relegated to lower divisions...

Oh well, doesn't matter, this has been a GREAT Sunday, football-wise of course!

Comment 1

Panem et circenses...

Posted by Sheri at 2008/03/03 06:45:56.

Comment 2


Posted by Sheri at 2008/03/03 06:46:20.

Comment 3

lox I'm an Everton fan, and we are playing you this week. it will be a close match with both of us doing very well in our leagues. My feeling is the English league is stronger, and that we might just have too much attacking power for you in the end.

What do you think?

Posted by i-cee at 2008/03/03 09:43:26.

Comment 4

to i-cee:

Lox is on business trip now and I don't know if he will be able to answer to you (I don't think he'll be able to see the match too)

I haven't seen any Everton match, but I've read in the news that it's going well in the premiership. Certainly the defence is not our strong point and we have a couple of important players injured, but I think it'll be a good match.

Posted by Federico at 2008/03/03 12:40:47.

Comment 5

I-cee: Actually I think that the match will be quite interesting. Both teams feature a great teamplay, there are some good players but probably saving from Mutu (who is not going to be of the match) all the other 21 players are quite "normal" (I mean they are not superstars). Frankly speaking I have a feeling that we will be knocked out, Eglish teams are notoriously difficult to play but I hope that we can at least rise to the challenge to give an interesting game. They way I see it Fiorentina is still too young to be a possible contender of the UEFA cup.

Posted by Lox at 2008/03/04 09:30:52.

Comment 6

i know quite a few everton fans going to florence on thursday for the match, i have to say rather them than me with the reputation of italian fans at present - fiorentina fans are quite notorious i heard?

i think this match could go either way. as you say i think both teams strength is that they do play as a team, with each player very aware of their own responsibilities.

we have a few good players to look out for that you may or may not have heard of.

joleon lescott, the left back; mikel arteta the midfielder, tim cahill also a midfielder, and our top striker yakubu (18 goals in 29 matches this season)

hopefully it will be a good match on thursday, what makes it more interesting is the confidence that both teams clearly have at the moment.

Posted by i-cee at 2008/03/04 17:41:34.

Comment 7

I-cee: It's a shame I am not in Florence otherwise we could have hooked up there! I will miss also the second leg because of this business trip :( Fiorentina fans used to be quite violent 20 years ago, but fortunately things subsided a lot and now we are among the calmest and fairer supporters in Italy. So I think that there is nothing to fear, although rotten apples are always around...

Posted by Lox at 2008/03/05 00:00:08.

Comment 8

Well the first leg was a 2 - 0 for Fiorentina, I didn't see the match but it seems that we outplayed Everton and we deserved a better score even!! :D Let's see what happens in England next week...

Posted by Lox at 2008/03/07 04:12:54.

Comment 9

To be frank we were outclassed last night. I suspected that Fiorentina would be tough, but their ball retention and passing, and willingness to work to get the ball back when they lost it was something else.

I am in no doubt on last night's performance that Fiorentina are a champions league level team, and I dont think I am going overboard by stating that they are on a level above AC Milan at present.

I am never as upset at losing when we are beaten by the better side, and La Viola were clearly that.

We were poor, but I think Fiorentina made us look poor as much as anything.

Also I heard back from a few of my friends who went to Florence, they said everyone was very welcoming and there was no trouble of any sort.

I don't have too much hope of overturning the defecit in the second leg, but you never know. I'd like to think that if we can't win the cup this year, then Fiorentina do, because they are one of the best sides i have seen in Europe this season.

Posted by i-cee at 2008/03/07 10:44:13.

Comment 10

Thanks I-cee, I am happy to see that your friends didn't have any trouble, I hate those idiotic hooligans (like they have in Rome, or Naples). Apparently it was a very good match, shame I missed it! :(

Posted by Lox at 2008/03/07 16:21:16.

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