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Posted on 2008/03/07 05:04:54 (March 2008).

[Friday 7th March 2008]

Until 6/7 years ago I never too much interest in statistical analysis, probably as every other good student I was regarding the subject to be too abstract to be appealing.

The work came and I found how marvellous numbers are, and how important are they to "read" a situation and finding what to do in order to achieve one's goals.

Numbers are also important because they can be presented in a way or another in order to strengthen a certain point of view, and sometimes (but politicians are better than me at this) you can use numbers and statistics to twist reality.

Well, anyways all of this is a little hat to what I really wanted to say. Since February I have been monitoring the traffic that my pages are having thanks to Google Analytics. I do not know why I was always so curious to see how many people come to the site and read about my life and experiences.

Apart from the obvious traffic from England, I have noticed that people from different countries connect to my site.
Dunno why but it makes me happy, it would be great if they posted comments, but even the classic invisible reader is fine I guess!

Soon at the end of the month I will be able to post pictures again, I've got a couple of updates that are waiting there for the right moment to come out.

Thanks for reading my blogs, I hope that they evoke feelings in you readers, positive or negative doesn't matter, as long as emotions are flowing!

Do not worry I am not tracking down the traffic, it's not possible with Analytics, your identity will always be a secret to me!

Comment 1

Yes, I plan on using Google Analytics on my next site update. Good to hear it works well (but then I never really doubted it would, I suppose!)

Posted by Nigel at 2008/03/07 08:50:51.

Comment 2

Greetings from Greece then, Lox! :-)

Posted by Bryan at 2008/03/07 17:09:08.

Comment 3

Bryan: Actually you are my only Greek visitor, so I need t keep you happy or I will loose 100% of the market in one shot! (then again there might be other Greek people connecting but so far no other showed up to leave a message...)

Posted by Lox at 2008/03/07 20:30:39.

Comment 4

Well, I read it occasionally!

Posted by John's Mum at 2008/04/04 20:14:06.

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