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Messy Knee

Posted on 2008/06/01 10:08:25 (June 2008).

[Saturday 31st May 2008]

Well, well, the title says it all I guess. Today I finally got back the results of the exams that I did on the right knee (MRI).

It doesn't look as bad as I thought at first, the ligament is still in place and works fine, so the problem is with the meniscus and cartilage...
It has been two weeks more or less since I got injured at work and the knee was doing extremely fine, no pain at all, not swollen at all.

After getting the results of the MRI I went to the usual underwater rugby training and....

....and believe it or not my knee TWISTED AGAIN!!! This time while I was swimming.. :(

I started this sport because I thought it was much easier on the articulation and certain violent tackles and contrasts as they happen in football do not occur, after all we are swimming underwater.

Well apparently, Alice's (my sister) husband said, the muscles of the right leg are all messed up and probably when trying to move fast underwater the muscles on a side of the knee pulled while the others took a break.
The result is that even underwater, even unsolicited (no blows or tackles), the knee twisted and the meniscus (one of the three that you have inside the knee) came out and it's not out of place.

It will go back into it's slot, now I am used to the pain, but every time it's a stress on the joint and the cartilage suffers from the meniscus being out of place.

I think that I might have to see a specialist anyway, on the net I read that the damage that was diagnosed is usually dealt with with a simple arthroscopic surgery... Though I do not want to be operated, if I have to be in pain every two weeks I might have to consider it...
All in all, despite me being injured again now, it's good news, at least ligaments are ok!

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