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Hong Kong and Typhoons

Posted on 2008/06/25 02:27:19 (June 2008).

[Wednesday 25th June 2008]

First top of the trip has been Hong Kong, a very quick couple of days to see some potential new clients. There is very little to say, apart from the fact that my knee is still hurting a lot, I even got it twisted again (just walking) before meeting the client but fortunately the leg started working again soon...

The most interesting thing that is happening is the fact that this night a typhoon struck Hong Kong and as a matter of fact the plane has been delayed of 1 hour (at the moment but it could be worse if the weather doesn't improve), and I am left here waiting.

This trip is started under very bad conditions, first the flight to Hong Kong not being confirmed until 10 minutes before leaving (because the travel agent made a mistake), then this delay, then I realized this morning that the tickets that I have been given are completely CRAP as the day I travel back to Europe the flight is divided in two sections and I have the distinct fear that I must collect my bags in Hong Kong, only to check in another flight to Zurich, all in 2 hours between I land and I leave again (if I make it of course!!).

What a shitty trip, I should have checked the tickets better, but I really did not know until they were bought and confirmed.... :(

Let's hope it improves!

Comment 1

Hope things improve Lox! Hopefully it will be good meeting up with some of your old contacts again.

Posted by Nigel at 2008/06/26 09:11:35.

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