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Snorting Cocaine off the ass of an Hooker

Posted on 2008/07/16 19:05:53 (July 2008).

[Monday 14th July 2008]

We owe John this new expression, this piece of greatness in the universe of "bizarre phrases". I found that it fits perfectly the long weekend spent in England.

I could talk about what we have done, where we went and what we ate during the period spent in England for the first "2, Radstock Road Reunion", but I won't. This post belongs to feeling and images, the previous one is more descriptive if you prefer to take a look at it.

It has been 9 years for me since I left University, I managed to see some of the guys during this period (especially John, but also Rob when he came to Florence), and of course we kept track of each other's adventures on the Maison.

But I realized how this is only the tip of the iceberg, I realized how much I really miss them all and being around with them.

Yes it's too simple, we just hanged around for a day, forgetting all our problems, immersed in a lifestyle that doesn't belong to us anymore. It's always easy to look at things in retrospect and "appreciate" them a lot more than what they used to be at the time.

I am aware of this.

But still, I miss those communal nights by that "modern fireplace" that is TV, talking about life, about crazy things (brownie points?!?!), about what happened that day at Uni and about that "bitch of a professor who I really hate"... It seemed like nothing changed, the night at Rob's and the morning after, having a marvellous breakfast (as we never could afford to have in Radstock), it seemed as we never really left the house.

There are sides to human nature that escape me.

I would have never thought, fifteen years ago, that I would eventually move to England, that I would meet people that changed my life completely (like these guys have) and have a subliminal bond so strong with them that even if we don't see each other anymore when put together in the same "pond" we continue interacting as if we never left that suburban, scabby and lovely house in Reading.

I thought more than once that If I had listened to my father I would have never met John, Tim, Chris, Rob, Jon, Tom and Simon as I would have stopped playing Role Playing Games a long time before going to Uni.

It was very hard for me to leave Reading this time. I was on a bus sad, watery eyes, thinking at what a person should never think (especially when he/she grows older)...

The past.

When I arrived, overloaded with luggage and a guitar, at that very square in front of Reading Station, the world seemed at my feet. I had dreams, plans, a huge adventure in front of me. I was certainly looking at life under a different prospective.

I miss that.

I miss the evening spent with Chris playing the very first Championship Manager, I miss talking to John in his grandmother's house, I miss Rob and ICAR nights, I miss Tim explaining me the theory of infinite jam in "Jammy Dodgers", I miss cabling the house with Jon so that we could have the phone upstairs and I miss the jokes, the woes, the life that we had.

The reality is that while everyone seems to have had a good development, and now is busy leading their life with kids, jobs, and whatever else, I feel as I am stuck in the swamps of shitness.
And while everything else stinks (apart from Chiara and my life in Florence with my friends and family), I look back, and the most that I can get are those watery eyes. Where is that spirit gone? Where are those bags and that guitar?

Thanks guys for having met up again, it was absolutely great.
I really hope that we can do this more often, not only every 10 years...

Now the cocaine trip is wearing down, things are turning sad, the chemical induced euphoria is turning into sadness, I'd better pay the hooker and get on with life...

Comment 1

What a lovely post Lox. I particularly liked the phrase "immersed in a lifestyle that doesn't belong to us anymore". It has a very poetic quality to it - if I ever wrote a song, I would probably steal it.

By the way, I feel compelled by the fact that my mother will probably read this to point out that the phrase Lox refers to in the title is a complex metaphor, possibly taken out of context here, and only introduced by me as a counter example to our changing values as we get older. Or something like that.

Posted by John at 2008/07/16 21:09:44.

Comment 2

Excellent feel for the emotion involved in you lives there Lox! Well constructed and very poignant. You have another budding vocation there.
Best wishes

Posted by Nigel at 2008/07/16 21:12:45.

Comment 3

John: Yes I guess that your mum knows you well enough to read through the phrase... I actually quite loved it (hence the title and everything) :D

Nigel: Thanks a lot, unfortunately my writing holds very little constance and I can dish it out only at certain times/periods, but if it made you feel "something" then it did what it was meant to! :P
What is the "budding vocation" though (I like that term, very interesting)...?

Posted by Lox at 2008/07/16 23:11:16.

Comment 4

Lox: As a creative writer. OK the remuneration is not as good as international sales, but you have a flare! (I'm sure Sheri would agree! :D )

Posted by Nigel at 2008/07/17 09:06:26.

Comment 5

Nigel: Ah! THAT ONE! :D Thanks... I like writing a lot, I should be more constant at doing it though..

Posted by Lox at 2008/07/17 19:29:43.

Comment 6

Never even noticed it!

Posted by John's Mum at 2008/07/18 09:15:45.

Comment 7

JM: What? That John's new hobby is doing exactly as it says on the title?

Posted by Lox at 2008/07/18 17:25:12.

Comment 8

Just checking comment posting is still working - have hooked in a new anti-spam filter.

Posted by John at 2008/07/22 13:44:49.

Comment 9

John: Good stuff!!

Posted by Lox at 2008/07/22 18:11:52.

Comment 10

Top drawer piece Lox..
I've recently lost everything in my life... House, job, money, Ladyfriend.. the whole 9 yards..
Got to start all over again at 45.. but I'll do it. I've had to make some extremely tough decisions and choice of new direction..
Keep your chin up chap.. It's not that bad.. You're young, got a nice girl, great family.. That's all you need. Best regards.

Posted by Jerry at 2008/08/27 21:10:38.

Comment 11

Jerry: Thanks a lot for the compliments, I guess I was inspired... :P On the other side I am sorry to see that you are going through a bad spell at the moment, I have had a lot of those moments myself, although maybe not that harsh. I hope that you can come out of it, surely stronger than before, because in the end all the bad periods at least make us much stronger once they have been passed. I hope that the new path will soon bring positive news, in the meantime hang in there and chin up to you too! (and 45 is still pretty young to my standards!!) :D:D

Posted by Lox at 2008/08/29 15:34:32.

Comment 12

Jerry: Oh and in the meantime keep coming, posting and look at the message board too! :P

Posted by Lox at 2008/08/29 15:36:16.

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