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Back Home - Summing up things

Posted on 2008/08/24 10:41:28 (August 2008).

[Saturday 23rd August 2008]

So the holidays are over, the trip through South of France will be accounted for in the coming posts with great detail and visual aid (i.e. pictures). It has been very good, and we all came alive through it so it must be positive! :D

I have got back in touch with a great friend that I did not hear from in ages, Antonio Carboni, we used to hang around together during summer holidays in Sardinia, and even if I do not seem if since a long time I am sure when we meet we'll pick things up from where we left them, Tito is certainly one of my best friends ever.

Talking about Sardinia, unfortunately during the holiday my grandmother passed to better life, in her sleep. She didn't have anything majorly wrong apparently, but such is life. I am quite sad about the fact that I did not managed to see her before she left us, the last time we met was at Cristina's wedding, (my cousin) in Rome, 3 years ago, if memory still serves. Post coming up for her as well of course!

New job is coming on the 1st of September so I really have to make the best of this week here in Florence, trying to sort out things that need to be done, and resting a little bit more!

Oh, almost forgot: I want a cat.

Comment 1

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. On a different note though I do think you should re-phrase that last point to 'I really want a pussy' !!

Posted by Simon W at 2008/08/26 15:37:58.

Comment 2

Simon W: MARVELLOUS!! :D:D:D:D...

Posted by Lox at 2008/08/26 17:07:54.

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