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Posted on 2008/08/27 17:07:02 (August 2008).

[Wednesday 27th August 2008]

I feel slow. Maybe is this knee of mine that keeps twisting, with a Swiss made two weeks time lap. Maybe is the fact that it's still too hot and it's not easy being on holiday when everyone else seems busy doing their things.
Maybe is something more, I don't know.

But I feel slow. I hate it!

On Saturday I need to go and collect two suits that I have bought in occasion of the new job, I needed some change as the older ones belong to the previous glacial era and did not fit me anymore.

I also wanted to do some workout but the underwater rugby team is on holiday till September.

I went to see Matteo today, it was great to meet with him and Esperanza (his wife), he gave me a lot of hints on the Mac and a couple of programs that I badly needed, as I am writing I am planning my first re-install of the Mac-book, Leopard is going to be featured soon on my laptop (if I manage to install it that is...).
We also had a go at the Wii, I love that console I think it's simply great, I just wish that Chiara liked playing games a little, so that we could play together, but she hates technology and the likes, so I guess that the Wii will have to wait a little...

I think at the people at Signoria, some of them did not see me leaving at all, as I resigned when part of the company was on holiday. I wonder what they have thought not seeing me there, although I was too much of an outcast to be remembered for days to come!

Still working on the pictures, they will soon be coming! :P

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