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First Week at Work

Posted on 2008/09/06 22:06:02 (September 2008).

[Monday 1st - Saturday 6th September 2008]

Well, well.

After the experience that I had to endure at the past company, this past Monday I have started the new job for one of the major Crystal and Crystal-Glass producers in Italy (and one of the major players in the world as well).

So far the first week has been rather positive, the colleagues seem quite helpful (there are not mixed tasks as it happened in the previous company, therefore no jealousies or backstabbing attempts), the directors have shown (so far) some trust in the choice that they made by employing me and want to get me rolling as quickly as possible, and the industry, albeit new, seem quite interesting and it will sure be an interesting challenge to learn this new market as well.

Of course it is early stages to say anything, after all in the previous company I only started to understand what was going on behind the scenes after 3/4 months (read: affairs between colleagues, non signed deals and general business malpractices, extremely bad attitude and inability to understand numbers etc etc...).

So I am not crying my eyes out of joy, but rather I'll give my best shot at this new venture in order to make it work from the beginning. At least I am recovering that fighting spirit that was suppressed by all the nastiness that was targeted at me in the past company.

Sometimes envy is a bad beast, but it lurks everywhere and you can't leave your guard down...

Comment 1

I wish you all the best. Hope it'll work.

Posted by Sheri at 2008/09/09 12:49:49.

Comment 2

Sheri: (finger crossed)... :P

Posted by Lox at 2008/09/09 15:48:44.

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