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Memory Mac

Posted on 2008/09/16 11:12:46 (September 2008).

[Monday 15th September 2008]

Third week at work, many things to follow up, and to look after, slowly gathering pace at work and efficiency in dealing with things.

It has been almost one week since I decided that my Mac needed a memory upgrade, probably quite unnecessary, but after installing Leopard things happened a lot slower on the computer, probably due to the fact that the new Mac OS is a bit heavier on processes...

The memory upgrade was totally done by myself and I am pleased to say that it worked at the first shot! Incidentally the MacBook is now faster, but I am 100% sure that it's just my imagination.... :P

Going from good to bad, Chiara had a terrible day at work and she wasn't all that chirpy and happy, actually quite the contrary, and I also received a visit from Tiscali technicians because my ADSL is behaving funnily (AGAIN!!). Well even if they checked all the cables the final response is that the problem is something to do with the cables going from the house to the central, therefore is not their competence and it will never get repaired.

While last time we settled for an half speed ADSL (4MB instead of 8MB that I pay for), this time the technician told me that I was probably going to be downgraded to a 640K... I will let a couple of days pass and then I will unleash my hate on the call centre, at least to get the 4MB deal that I had before...

Oh well, last point of the day is the first session of RPG mastered by Francesco, it has been a long time since I played in an adventured mastered by him, so I quite look forward to it.. The first session was quite boring though!! :D

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