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Posted on 2008/10/04 10:03:44 (October 2008).

[Saturday 4th October 2008]

September went by at ludicrous speed, I feel as if it even did not exist this year. Wow, the new job is really keeping me busy by the looks of things!

In the meantime the world as we know it is crumbling a little, economic downturns are getting quite serious, but I am not surprised at all.

The system that it's in place is clearly faulted. It will collapse massively sooner of later, it's a matter of time. It's based on incremental growth, on consuming more and more, it's selfish and doesn't give a shit at what's around us.

In Italy we have had a massive decrease in bees population, something around 40%. It's because of the pesticides and electric pollution (as in too many waves flying around). Einstein predicted the end of the world in 5 years if bees were to die altogether...

Going back on track, all the efforts that I am putting into the new job are preventing me from writing, it seems as I have lost my "spark", although probably it's just lack of time and general tiredness..

Oh well, I hope I will get back writing soon! Surely at the end of the month an epic tale on the first business trip for the new company will begin... 9 Asian cities in 3 weeks, with the new addition of Malaysia in the list of countries that I have set my foot onto... :D

Comment 1

The fact that Einstein said that is somewhat disputed:


...even if he did say that, the relevance of it is questionable over 50 years after his death - at best it would have been a pithy observation for the time about the delicate balance of nature - i.e. without insects to pollinate plants we'd have no food supply. With modern farming techniques and GMOs I doubt bees are any longer a vital cog in the works.

Posted by John at 2008/10/05 21:52:44.

Comment 2

To pour further scorn over your frankly ill thought out suggestion that the end of humanity is nigh due to the scarcity of bees, may I direct you to the following article:


...which suggests this wasn't ever said by Einstein at all, and was falsely attributed to him in a protest staged by European beekeepers in 1994, complaining about the competition they faced from non-European honey imports.

Posted by John at 2008/10/05 22:01:09.

Comment 3

I see, it seems that I was conned into thinking that Einstein said it! BASTARDS!!

Posted by John at 2008/10/06 19:15:02.

Comment 4

Erm, did you mean to write your name as Lox there?

Posted by John at 2008/10/06 20:30:34.

Comment 5

yes... :P

Posted by Lox at 2008/10/07 08:14:01.

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