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Camilla's Birthday

Posted on 2008/10/04 23:56:30 (October 2008).

[Saturday 4th October 2008]

The whole day was quite uneventful, also because I had a splitting headache and slept most of the afternoon. In the morning we went to see a house that Chiara branded as "simply perfect" but that in reality had a couple of major issues that were too much for us to tackle. The fact that it overlooked Florence from the most important hill that surrounds the city did make an impact, but not a major one as I am much more pragmatic and the scenario didn't make me sway. The search continues....

In the evening it was time to go and see Camilla and Fabio as it was Camilla's 33rd birthday and I think that Chiara and Fabio tried to plan some sort of surprise party. I said tried, because it seems that Camilla understood (or maybe even knew) about it because I couldn't hear or see much surprise when walking in the restaurant she saw 14 people waiting for her.

Anyways the dinner was held at "Cantina Barbagianni" a very good restaurant where I will certainly go again in the future, and it was very nice.

We finished quite late after the second round of "grappa"s and "amaro"s (both liqueurs that we normally drink after the meal as digestives), the weather has turned quite cold these days and we soon went back home.

I even lost a glove (that we use to drive the scooter), which is a bit of bummer!

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