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Preparations to a big Trip

Posted on 2008/10/18 14:24:21 (October 2008).

[Saturday 18th October 2008]

The first business trip at the new company is about to get underway. I will be traveling with my direct superior for a massive introduction of all the clients that we have in Asia, part of the trip will be done by myself, but I am not too concerned about it. I think I got to the point where these sorts of trips cannot bear any serious novelty, ok the product that I sell is different but the "system" is always the same.

Recently I have concentrated much of my action towards the setup and opening of a store in Beijing, the creation of some tools that should help me presenting the goods that we have in stock and that we want to sell out, and of course trying to understand as much as possible what is going on in my markets. It is going to be an interesting trip that should give me more insight about the new job, so I am looking forward to it.

I will also be visiting some new places such as Canton in China and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Apart from that it will be a 3 weeks trip (extremely tough trust me) that will see me going to (in the order):

Hong Kong, Canton, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur...

And still there are some places that I should have gone but that is phisically impossible for me to do... An even longer trip would be really devastating...

So in the next few weeks I hope to post pictures from all over Asia!!!

The rest of life is ok I guess. I am happy abut the job, so far, and we have told our landlady that we want to leave the house. Of course she said that we have to pay for all the notice period (6 months), so technically we are not in a rush to change house, I can see that happening next March, more or less...
My knee is still playing funny, I just hope that I can get down with this surgery story quickly and painlessly, but I have to organize this thing with the people at work too, so I think I have to wait at least until I go back.

That's it really, let's hope that the trip ahead is not too hard and is positive under the job point of view! :P

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