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Airports for people not taking planes...

Posted on 2008/11/08 02:01:16 (November 2008).

[Saturday 8th November 2008]

"Hotels are like airports, people come and go, minding his/her own business and of you go...". This is a quote from my boss, ho's travelled all around the world in more than 80 countries (almost half of the countries that we have on earth)...

I find this thought quite illuminating when it comes to hotels like the ones where I normally go.. I step on a plane to find myself cast into another airport where you are not there to catch a flight, but normally a taxi to the client's place...

I have stopped in Taipei 1 night, I have a beautiful room that it's almost half of my house in Florence, but I couldn't really enjoy anything of it because I stayed for such a short time.

Today, quick visit to the marketplace, then on a plane again to go to Singapore where I am meant to be until Tuesday morning when I will make a new experience, travelling to Malaysia.

Ipod back to normality (fortunately), though I expect yet more troubles from the battery, maybe he overheard that I want to buy a new Ipod Touch and started to act strangely in retaliation for its early retire. (I am sure that computers understand what we say, write etc etc... They are just playing dumb... It could be a nice script for a new Pixar movie along the lines of Toy Story...)!!

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