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400.000 Euro

Posted on 2008/11/10 09:56:03 (November 2008).

[Monday 10th November 2008]

Travelling is a good thing. You meet really interesting people for sure!

So let me ask you.... What is the most expensive item that you have ever held in your hands (save from "family jewels" and the like...)?

Today I have gone to the office of the owner of our distributor, he is into the watches business and as I said in the previous post he's into the expensive sort of watches.

Today I have had the chance to actually hold his personal, unique watch...

A 400.000 Euro is not something that you normally hold in your hand, and I feel quite privileged to have had the chance to see their products, something that normal people do not even dream of seeing (until 2 days ago I didn't even think it existed)...

The whole watch is made in white gold, with a storm of diamonds cast on it, it must have been more than 20 carats for sure, with a total weight that was quite high considering the precious materials that it's made of!
The whole thing is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering and of jewellery, they supply people like the King of Thailand, and several middle eastern Emirs.

Apparently they have customers that carry even 40/50 of these watches (the "cheaper" 50.000 Euro ones)...

Well I guess that there are people out there with an incredible amount of cash, for them 50K euro is like 50 euros for me...

Oh well, an interesting experience!


Comment 1

Useless and, considering the state of the world, frankly indecent. I know better ways to spend money.

Posted by Sheri at 2008/11/10 18:41:27.

Comment 2

(nothing against you, mind you)

Posted by Sheri at 2008/11/10 18:42:43.

Comment 3

Sheri: I agree! I wouldn't dream of buying a thing like that, but apparently the guy has so many customers that on the first day of presenting the item at a fair he sold 20 units (and those 20 units meant to be "limited" to that quantity, but he got the factory to make more)... What can I say? I never met that side of the world, where everything is spanky and shiny. Poor peope I have seen, that's much easier to come across with I am afraid...

Posted by Lox at 2008/11/10 21:14:29.

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