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Newcomer and Weekly roundup

Posted on 2008/11/24 11:25:06 (November 2008).

[Monday 17th-24th November 2008]

The previous week has been quite eventful, I was back at work again and of course I had to catch up with three weeks of gossips, happening and so on. The weather turned bitterly cold last Thursday, I don’t like cold weather all that much but is seems that this year we are in for a cold winter (last winter was rather mild in my opinion).

Work situation is not easy, the company is suffering the global crisis, and even though this is quite common for all the other players and industries, it is not something that we alleviates the pain. I think that this recession is going to reap a lot of victims, and the only hope is that we are not going to be among them.

In Italy the situation is fine under the banking point of view, but it’s terrible under the political side, and the general economy is crap thanks to our enlightened political class. The feeling that we have is that we are completely powerless, it’s a great shame because we deserve so much better… But that’s the problem with Italians, the “not in my backyard” policy is too extreme, people cannot care less UNLESS it touches their interests.
Only then people go in the streets, start protesting and so on.

Anyways since I am not activist, I think that I should not venture further, in the end I see my country with a little different mind due to the years spent abroad, and although I never liked what I saw, I stopped trying to change people around me. It’s just impossible…

Going back to the week, I have to report the new technological arrival at home. My very own backup server!! An Ubuntu micro server, fanless, 2 500GB HD for parallel backups, all components bought to save as much energy as possible (the whole system consumes around 40W with 90W peaks at startup and maximum usage). Finally I have backed up seriously all my pictures and mp3 and now I can proceed with the re-installation of Leopard on my Mac (Leopard is not that great as I thought, it gave my macbook several problems and kernel-panic attacks)…

Of course the new computer forces me to learn at least the basics of Linux, which is good of course, so it will take a little time before it is properly configured (cronjobs and the likes), but I am confident that I can do it. The ideal will be that it switches on when computers linked to it go online, then it should rsync whatever he needs to, and then if computers are not online and it has been idle for some time it should power off by itself, making sure that it rsynced all files to the other HD… It can be done I think..

As for the rest nothing much to say, Christmas is approaching and we are already working on the presents list…

Comment 1

So do you have a fixed IP address then Lox? I think (though I haven't checked lately) my ISP just gives me the next available when I log on, because I turn off the electrics when I go to bed. Of course this is no problem if you are on 24/7!!! But in the UK they have these reasonable-use policies... Probably no problem at all - I'm full of cold and my brain isn't working properly!! :-D

Anyhow, well done on the set up. Best of luck with Linux! :-D

Posted by Nigel at 2008/11/24 17:42:26.

Comment 2

Nigel: No actually I have no fixed IP but I think that there are some free services on the net if you need to log in from outside. Generally speaking the server is just a backup server for now, soon I will probably add a torrent download system and maybe in the future a streaming radio service with all my mp3 (more than 10000)... It could be cool but first I need to get the backup story sorted properly...

Posted by Lox at 2008/11/24 17:54:23.

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