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Tales from a lost PDA - We need to be a Team

Posted on 2008/12/16 16:50:46 (December 2008).

[Tuesday 16th December 2009]

Interesting stories are sometimes short experiences.
Mr.X, in the following piece, talks about a little talk that a colleague had, but it seems that he also has had similar issues in the past.


We need to be a Team

Team building, man management seem to be a prominent feature of my superiors. I think that I need to be glad that I have such inspired bosses!

Yesterday, talking to a colleague (Mr.Pill) of mine he told me of a very interesting conversation had with the Head of the Commercial Department, Mr.Wine.

I have had so many encounters like these, but today it's Mr.Pill turn to tell his story...

Mr.Wine office - 10,33 AM - Rainy day, pretty slow morning…

W – “…. Because I finally managed to speak to the President and I made him understand that the only way forward is to go back to what we were!” (need to mention the extremely pungent breath, a mix of wine, liquers and beer)

P – “ Yes, but you told me that this is what the President told you more or less 2 weeks ago…”

W – “mmmmmm. YES!”, 10 seconds pause “… but… WE NEED TO BE A TEAM!”

Follows 20 seconds of total silence, Mr.Pill evidently puzzled.

W – “In any case sice it’s in my power to manage great resources at this company, I have decided to use part of it to give you a raise”

P – “Ah, that’s good news!”

W – “Yes, because we appreciate your work. Do you remember that I promised you a sum at the end of this year as well?”

P – “Yes” in a tentative voice as to say “and…?”

W – “Well, the company is facing difficult times, so that sum is going to be put inside the raise too, but since at the moment I have no more money in my budget I have decided to add it to next year bonus so that at the end of next year you can have both!”

P – “ah…” now completely gutted

W – “You see how much the company trust your skills, I mean such a huge bonus must be a great incentive for you to do your work!”

P – “Yeahhhh, but I was promised the bonus at the end of this year, and I mean doing like this is hardly a raise…”

W – “You look too much at the small details, WE NEED TO BE A TEAM, we need to overcome this difficult period and fight together! I am sure that you understand. Now I have a couple of calls to make, I’ll speak to you later.”

Nuff said...

Comment 1

Ah ! I'd say we have similar dialogues in France...

Posted by Sheri at 2008/12/17 18:52:36.

Comment 2

I s'pose it's a common speech round the globe, lately.

Posted by Sheri at 2008/12/17 18:53:36.

Comment 3

Sheri: Yes, I guess it's pretty normal around the world, when things go wrong. But I liked the interesting use of the phrase totally unrelated to the context of the dialogue used to get out of a difficult spot...

Posted by Lox at 2008/12/17 19:48:28.

Comment 4

Nice work Lorenzo - again, very expertly translated and edited. It made for suprisingly interesting reading!

Posted by John at 2008/12/19 19:42:08.

Comment 5

John: Thanks a lot! I'll keep them coming... :D

Posted by Lox at 2008/12/21 16:54:52.

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