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The thing that should not be

Posted on 2009/02/03 21:37:10 (February 2009).

[Tuesday 3rd February 2009]

It might be because I am coming up with some strange bug, it might be because I feel a bit tired and because the weekend was a bit boring, but today, my colleagues doom predictions regarding the place where I am working finally managed to scratch the barrier that I have put up so far.

The situation is old, the crisis is killing markets, Italy exports more than 70% of its production, so in return the situation is quite dire even if the bank sector here in Pizzaland looks pretty stable.

Our company is in a bad condition, saved two years ago by a new entrepreneur, but money are running out and we are at the point where we need an injection of cash to hope to keep going one more year waiting for the markets to pick up again.

So far I never really bothered about the situation, in the past probably I would loose sleep over it, but now that I am a little bit more wise I understood that it's pointless to worry about things that I cannot control. Of course this is a bit the story of the ostrich that hides his head under the sand while outside is raining fire and death, but on the other side what more can I do?

Unfortunately looking for another job is out of the question, there is still a lot to do at the present situation and moreover I just joined the company and it would be hard to explain a potential employer why I changed job three times in the last three years. In Italy at least doesn't look all that good.

So that's it, "the thing that should not be", in other terms I really hope that I do not have to face a company going burst with me inside, it would be quite a bad experience and given the present situation...

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