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Fed Up

Posted on 2009/02/07 12:47:28 (February 2009).

[Saturday 7th February 2009]

This Saturday like it happened many times in the past, Chiara had to wake quite early to go to work. So far no big deal because she work in an hotel and that's always open also at the weekends.

We decided to go out for lunch, and giving that her shifts finishes at 1.30 PM that's almost a borderline time as around 2.30 the restaurant where we normally go (let's say the one I like called BORDINO), doesn't serve food anymore.

So I went for an haircut and went back at the hotel playing around with the computers while Chiara is busy.

Then around 1.20 Chiara comes along and tells me that the person that was meant to arrive at 1.30 to change shift is at some course and is going to be late, meaning that no restaurant is going to be possible.

Unfortunately this keeps happening all the bloody time, there is always something that prevents her to go out at the right time. Chiara doesn't seems to mind this issue all that much, after all work is work, for me it's a bit more complicated to get to terms with this constant delays and last minute rescheduling.

It's something that I really hate, probably because if I knew it before I could have done other things, rather than waste my time at the hotel checking mails and the latest news...

So that's it, I am officially fed up!

Comment 1

That means we've got more time to spend together, billy boy...

Posted by Clara at 2009/02/07 18:04:49.

Comment 2

(Last time we met, we had a wonderful time, haven't we?)

Posted by Clara at 2009/02/07 18:08:00.

Comment 3

Clara: Nice try Sheri! :D We missed you!

Posted by Lox at 2009/02/08 09:07:34.

Comment 4


Posted by Sheri at 2009/02/08 10:00:38.

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