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Posted on 2009/02/20 18:55:00 (February 2009).

[12th - 17th February 2008]

I think that I have lost count of the times that I actually landed in Frankfurt airport. It must be more than 100 for sure.

The funny thing is that I have never set foot into the CITY of Frankfurt, until this time when I finally managed to see the place because we have had a major fair there.

Actually the city itself is pretty dire. I cannot sweeten the blow, it's really nasty, but after all we have to remember that Frankfurt has been rebuilt recently after the war, since the allies completely flattened it with boms.

So it's pretty new, modern buildings scattered all over the place, but generally I managed to see only a lot of traffic, a gloomy athmosphere and a lot of grey.
At night the place is a bit more lively and restaurants and pubs are certainly interesting, but I could never live there I think.

The fair itself was rather good, we worked like madmen, but when we came back to the company the news that the owner asked the workers to start some sort of mobility that we call "cassa integrazione" in Italy was a bit disappointing. They didn't even wait for the fair to finish...
Oh well I guess that the rest of the world is shedding jobs and so we are no different from them, but it's a bit of a turndown when something like this happens because it brings you back to the sad reality, I could loose my job no matter how well I do it.

The present situation is really shite, it's so bloody hard to make big decisions in a normal period, but now it's even harder. Me and Chiara are looking for a house, but when you go back home and start thinking about the fact that you might not be able to repay the mortgage it makes you want to reschedule all decisions taken previously.

We'll see where this world will bring us to, in the meantime I am already planning my next trip, Asia for almost 30 days, and then after it I need to get the knee surgery to see if things start working a little bit better with it.

Busy busy busy... at least I don't get bored!

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