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Hectic Week

Posted on 2009/02/27 14:55:06 (February 2009).

[Friday 26th February 2009]

I woke up this morning, thinking that there are still 7 days till I leave for Asia, soon to realize that February is a strange month and that instead I have little more than the weekend… Have you ever had the feeling that time is not enough?

I’d say that all in all is a positive thing, mostly because it means that there are a lot of things to do and this is much better than biding one’s time waiting for things to happen.

Me and Chiara are looking for a house, I hate looking for places to live in, mostly because I feel that it’s a huge waste of time, and in the end I would settle for anything that strikes my imagination without thinking too much. Chiara is exactly the opposite, she has a vague idea of what she wants, but she is very quick to spot all those bits and pieces that she doesn’t like in this place or this other place. To me most of the time it seems that they are very little and pointless things, but on the other side I am the one that doesn’t care too much as long as there is a nice kitchen and the place is not a dump.

Result, no house so far, notice already handed in means that we have to stop looking for a house to buy and we have to start looking for a place to rent, another thing that given the present economic situation I quite hate because keeping savings in the bank is not a great investment at the moment.

Work has been pretty hectic, after the three fairs (Milan, Paris and Frankfurt) we have had little time to regroup and debrief (well 2 weeks), and I feel that a lot of the work is concentrated in this period for my markets, because it’s when we build up the strategy for 2009, after all in September it’s already too late to change things. So I find myself really doing a lot of work, planning trips that will take me around Asia for ONE MONTH, and generally starting to produce as I probably did a long time ago when I was in the fashion industry. Of course it’s a positive feeling let’s hope it lasts, on the other side I am often quite tired.

Take the last week, between appointments, emails, preparations, houses to be see and the normal life (adding the fact that I am trying to book this surgery for my knee), I feel as 5 days have passed really quickly.

Oh well, an hectic week prelude to a VERY LONG trip… March is going to be interesting for sure!

Comment 1

Poor Chiara. I understand her need for a nice, cosy place where she could feel at home. You are a bear!

Posted by Sheri at 2009/03/02 09:47:14.

Comment 2

Sheri: ***GROWL***!!!

Posted by Lox at 2009/03/02 13:36:28.

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