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Posted on 2009/03/03 09:51:31 (March 2009).

[Tuesday 2nd March 2009]

The dawn of yet another business trip.

This time I get to leave from Florence in the afternoon, Bangkok is my first stop on the way that will take me around Asia once more.

As usual I am tense, nervous, feeling the pressure of a long haul flight and of a business that is crippled by the economic crisis that leaves a lot of open questions and very few answers.

This time I get to stay out of Italy for more than three weeks, 24 days to be precise, it is one of the longest trips that I have even done, the suitcase packing was quite hard this time as I will start in a place where there are 30 degrees Celsius to move later to places where (at the moment) there are 4 degrees.

Do I have expectations? Yes. I hope that it will be a safe journey, I hope that it's going to be at least mildly positive and more than everything I hope that when I come back I will not be too shattered due to the frequent movements around Asia that I will have to do.

I will see people, things, buildings, I will certainly make some new experiences, that's always a good side of going away for so long.
On the other side it's not a bed of roses, I am going to be there for work, this is a detail that people seem to overlook quite often.

I'll try to keep you posted with news and pictures of the places that I will see, it would be nice to keep an ongoing diary of the places that I will visit. This time I will add Dongguan and Guangzhou to the list of places that I have never been to.

And when I am back, if all goes well, I will have to come to terms with another birthday, move from our current house and get a surgery to my right knee... The beginning of 2009 is certainly very busy for me!

Sun is breaking through from the distant hills, this day will last almost 1 month, I am in for a long ride...

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