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Posted on 2009/03/05 02:21:56 (March 2009).

[Thursday 5th March 2009]

My attempts of beating jet lag going to bed late did not succeed this time. I think it's probably because I actually managed to sleep on the plane (that must be the firs time in my long experience of long haul flights).

Went out for a little stroll around the centre of Bangkok, grabbed a quick meal at a Thai Restaurant and bought a T-shirt for Saturday, when I will have the day to roam around the city. As a matter of fact I did not bring any T-shirts with me, considering that the trip will end ion places where currently there are 4 degrees Celsius, but that was a mistake as the temperature here is quite hot (30 degrees).

The meal was a bit disappointing, considering that they forgot to bring me one of the courses that I have ordered, but the good side is that I managed to shop around the supermarket in Siam Paragon and bought some very interesting curries that I am eager to try when I go back home.

Nothing much to add, the hotel is not as nice as the precious one where I have been and they have this crap internet connection, that works buying a card at the lobby. Tonight I want to go for a massage, the place where I used to go before seemed nowhere to be found (maybe closed? maybe I forgot the place?)...

Comment 1

You're there for soothe your burning flesh. confess! Business is just a pretext...

Posted by Sheri at 2009/03/05 08:06:42.

Comment 2

Ok I admit it, I wank terribly and that's it! :D

Posted by Lox at 2009/03/05 17:54:02.

Comment 3

correction: "to" (not for)

Posted by Sheri at 2009/03/05 18:19:45.

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