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Hard man humble

Posted on 2009/03/07 23:19:39 (March 2009).

[Sunday 8th March 2009]

Bangkok will make an hard man humble, so they say here.

It is not hard to believe the contrary, this country is really great but as many other countries in the south east Asian area, lives on contrasts that are sometimes hard to come by.

I spent the day of Saturday immersed in the little souks of Bangkok, this time I had a great walking tour of the flower and vegetables market and then into Little India and Chinatown. The day before my clients took me to the very outskirts of Bangkok to eat, a great experience that I will later pass onto you guys via the usual pictures.

Thailand is a place where I could happily live, a bit like Singapore, the centre of Bangkok is really new and grand, there is no way you can feel homesick there, you can find almost everything that you might need. The country has a strong culture and that makes this place double interesting.

I'll skip any comment on the local people, they are all nice, very polite.

Then you have the contrasts of girls that would be top models in any other place walking down the street in the midst of garbage, beggars. A Lamorghini driving next to a tuk-tuk (a sort of motorbike taxi) crowded with a family that it's trying to save some money going all together. The heat is quite as bad as pollution.
The colours of fruits and vegetables are stunning, as much as the dirty individuals that normally sell this stuff on the streets.

I took a boat-bus to get around this time, the river is filthy but it was worth the trip because the experience was quite nice.

Marvellous food caps it all up, Thailand is certainly a place that I would like to explore a lot more, as a tourist.

We'll see what will happen, now I am in the lounge going to Hong Kong, the real hard part of the trip starts here...

Comment 1

You certainly describe Thailand as a fascinating place. Lox. Although you are there for work, I do have to envy you your travels! :-) Have a good time in Hong Kong...

Posted by Bryan at 2009/03/08 00:28:02.

Comment 2

Bryan: I do not complain of having to travel for work, it makes the routine go away and that'spositive. Add that I love travelling to Asia and the pill is certainly sweetened. On the other side when you are deprived of sleep, forced to be with clients all day and replying to mails of all the other markets at night, when you are away from your friends, your life for long periods like I do, travelling doesn't become a pleasure anymore... :(

Posted by Lox at 2009/03/08 06:46:59.

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