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Quiet Sunday at "home"

Posted on 2009/03/22 06:18:33 (March 2009).

[Sunday 22nd March 2009]

As I enter into the last week of this long business trip, I got to use a weekend for the sole purpose of resting.

Saturday spent around Tokyo in a very good sunny day, a bit windy perhaps, going to the places where I usually like to hang around, Meji Jingu for a spot of praying, Harajuku for a spot of shopping, then Shibuya to see the latest things that I might have missed in the other two places, and this time I also decided to add Shinjuku Gyoen, a park in Shinjuku where I went with John some time ago.

I had it planned to go to Nikko for the day, but the real problem there is that one day is just not enough to explain 4 hours on the train to go and back, so I will probably have to do other arrangements in the future, like staying there for one night...

On Sunday the weather turned sour and extremely windy, so I was off to buy a couple of things and grab some food in the morning but now that is afternoon, I am back at the hotel doing nothing.

Yesterday as I was walking through Shinjuku Gyoen, I was struck by the fact that I am always by myself.
In a typical "manga-esque" setting I could be one of the "bad guys" that walks around the park, full of people eating, laughing, running, playing and with my aura of destruction and solitude, as I pass by, change that into sadness and sorrow.

Fortunately it did not happen, which means that my superpowers are not that strong yet! :D

The funny thing is that when I go back home, most of the time I want to be my myself, just resting and not caring about anything else !!! It's a bit of a contradiction I guess, but that's how it is, after all these long trips are really vexing on the spirit and on the body.

Now sauna time! Tonight I am going out with Kutsunugi san to have dinner and talk about the latest developments in the business field, which needs to be said, it's in a tragic state...

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