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How Long?

Posted on 2009/03/26 11:32:59 (March 2009).

[Thursday 26th March 2009]

How long has it been? How long ago did I first look at the skyline of Tokyo at night? How many things happened to me on this side of the world?

It's the last night before stepping on the plan that will bring me back to Italy, after almost one month around Asia around Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Japan.

Still Japan has a special place in my heart, too many memories, too many feelings are linked to this place.

Every time I have to leave is like the first time, in 1998, when I packed my suitcase after the best year of my life so far, wondering what it will happen next, where life would send me to... That time I didn't even knew if I was going to go back to Japan ever again, and now I think back and I have been here at LEAST 30 to 40 times in the past 10 years.

From my room I can see the Park Hyatt, where we had a great night with John when he was living here, to the left there is Shinjuku, a place that I now know better than many other Japanese that live here.

going back it's never easy, you never know what changed, you never know what it's there to wait for you, you only know what you are leaving.

To be fair I do not know if I could live here again, having to work in a society that it's quite crazy under certain points of view, but still I'd give it a chance if the offer was good.

My mum sent me a mail, telling me that since I left Italy to go to England I am always on the move, running from a place to another, just like when I was a kid but on a larger scale. She also added that sometimes is better to stop and think about one's life, to be close to the people that really care about you.

As only mothers can be, she is spot on. The problem is that the life of the jet set traveller (to use an expression that Rob used to describe me) is one way only. You can certainly stop, but that means no more trips to Asia and quite probably a lower responsibility (money)... To be honest I am not thinking about it YET, although my life in Florence if I have to continue like this, has very little future...

We will see, I still remember the first time I got on a plane by myself. I was 8 and I was going to Sardinia to see my grandmother (God bless her soul now that she's not more with us).

That time I thought that in my life I would never travel by myself anymore, either with my family or my friends....

I was wrong.

Comment 1

Mmmm. Career is one thing. Family life another. Family is more important. Believe me. Don't wait professional success to found a family. Children need love and care, not money.

Have you got any plans with Chiara?

I no longer have the feeling that it works between the two of you. You're oddly silent about her. Are you considering a split?

A piece of advice: Don't live (only) for yourself

Posted by Sheri at 2009/03/27 11:20:40.

Comment 2

One day you will discover that your life is pretty empty without a proper family

Posted by Sheri at 2009/03/27 11:23:05.

Comment 3

Sheri: Donīt know what to say... You got everything spot on, which is scary but also reveals your sensitive nature... As for the family I agree, but itīs not just about making A family, is trying to find the right person and moment. As of now we are not doing any real planning, we are moving to a different house but still renting, so hardly a situation that goes towards the way of settling down. We will see what life will bring to us, the new house is a great opportunity to evaluate the relationship after 2 years that we know each other... :P

Posted by Lox at 2009/03/27 14:05:38.

Comment 4

I sincerely hope that it'll work with you two. Christelle and I went through stormy phases -particularly me (I confess I'm not easy to live with) - but we seem to have found a modus vivendi. Hope you'll find one too.

Low points are part of any serious relationship. It brings out the flavour of life.

There is someone I can't make out: John. It's irritating. I really wonder how he is with Chie.

Posted by Sheri at 2009/03/27 19:10:18.

Comment 5

I mean, do they ever slap one another?

Posted by Sheri at 2009/03/27 19:14:20.

Comment 6

When arguing or ... for fun (wink wink) ?

Posted by Sheri at 2009/03/27 19:16:41.

Comment 7

Sheri: They have arguments like anybody else, plus the different cultural background sometimes comes into play... But they are a great couple trust me! :D

Posted by Lox at 2009/03/27 20:02:35.

Comment 8

I'm not that interesting.

Posted by John at 2009/03/29 18:56:36.

Comment 9

John: You know you are!! :D

Posted by Lox at 2009/03/29 22:21:48.

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