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Knee Surgery

Posted on 2009/04/18 07:11:37 (April 2009).

[Wednesday 15th April 2009]

Today I got my meniscus surgery at the right knee, the one previously injured where I already got the cruciate ligament reconstruction... Although everything went well, what did not go well is the return at home, where I could not sleep from the pain that I had. Yesterday (Friday 17th) I went to see the surgeon, the knee was really big due to blood and sinovial liquid that poured from the tissues... Well he drained 70cl (almost a wine bottle) of blood from the knee, and on Friday night I managed to sleep at least...

Unfortunately the knee is hurting again this morning (Saturday), it is expected because more liquids will flow into the knee, I am starting to worry that I will have to get it drained again very soon, I cannot afford not to sleep at night, it's really not helping recovery...

With the ligament I had similar problems, so I came to the conclusions that it's my tissues that are not that great at holding after a surgery. This will make recovery longer and more painful, I just hope that it will be over soon..,

The funny thing is that after he took all that blood out I could stand on my legs no problems, which means that once this issue is dealt with rehabilitation should be ok and I should be able to go back to normal...

Oh well, we'll see what happens...

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