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Stasis and Obsolescence

Posted on 2009/05/28 09:00:47 (May 2009).

[Somewhere in May 2009]

“Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean”

Once again I have to borrow one of the most famous passages of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, to describe the situation that I feel that I am living at the moment.

We moved, as the previous posts boldly states, and the process of settling in was quite smooth to my great surprise. There are some bits and pieces that still have to be settled, but I guess that it takes time to have all perfect and settled.

Knee-wise the move was quite heavy, but with time and rehabilitation finally I have managed to regain a good use of the leg and I am now running (very slowly) and back almost to normality. The rehab was finished yesterday and the guy that followed me said that he was happy of the response and the work done, so I guess I am on the right way to go back to doing sports in the near future.

I have added a new activity, thanks to the Cuban boyfriend of one of Chiara’s friends. He’s a teacher of typical Cuban music and dances, so I joined one of his classes for percussions, and apparently I am doing very well (although I suspect that he says that to keep me coming), he even asked me to come and play at a CONCERT that he’s going to have soon! It’s a nice way of spending a couple of hours, just concentrating on rhythm and sound blocking out all the other worries that I have.

Then there is the pending new trip to Asia. This time I get to see two new countries, Myanmar and Indonesia, I am sure that it’s going to be interesting, and hopefully it will be a good trip, I really need some boost at work as things have been a bit slow recently and the company is starting to go downhill again. I guess that this is a very common situation now in Italy, but I do not find any consolation in seeing other factories on the verge of bankruptcy, it just makes things worse.

The Maison is suffering a very bad spell of unpopularity, it seems that the message board is completely dead and that the usual dwellers have left the site for other places. I guess that it has to do with the advent of Twitter and Facebook, probably the first is to blame the most for the lack of messages. It’s a big shame in my opinion that something like that is happening, in a way MDS has been one of the first social networks on the internet EVER, it’s now almost FIFTEEN years old (not many sites can boast such a long history), and it attracted people like Sheri and Nigel that we never actually met in person.
Ok it might need a revamp on the programming side, it might need html 2.0 for more interactivity with pictures and comments, but still I find this site a sort of electronic safe heaven, something I can always rely on. Seeing it a bit forgotten it’s a great shame…

May is almost finished, but still there is a very weird sense of feeling stuck that I cannot banish from my head. I do not know what it is related to, but it doesn’t make me happy, even if it seems that my life is quite eventful and I keep me busy most of the time. I do not like feeling like that, it makes me feel trapped…

“… as an Idle painted ship on a painted ocean”…

Comment 1

I know what you mean about the maison Lox. I still read it regularly especially these longer entries. Unfortunately I don't really get time to write my own and I can't usually think of anything else but nonsense to post on the message board itself. I do hope the feeling of Stasis passes. I get it sometimes, I think its all part of growing up somehow.

Posted by Simon W at 2009/06/02 12:42:29.

Comment 2

Simon: Well, I guess it is as you said, maybe it's a moment that all the dwellers here are passing through, or maybe is something more serious that will eventually lead to the end of this social network (because MDS is a social network)... We'll see. I keep writing, I like it, although I have to admit that the number of posts has decreased recently, maybe because I have nothing interesting to write about...Fortunately I get business trips around Asia, those are marvellous occasions for pictures and blogs entries! :D Keep reading anyway, I love the idea to have faithful readers that find something interesting in my rants!

Posted by Lox at 2009/06/12 06:07:01.

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