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Wasted Day

Posted on 2009/06/01 22:47:08 (June 2009).

[Monday 1st June 2009]

It's quite possibly the fact that today I decided to take a day off and we organized to go at the seaside with Chiara that made the whole day "different".

A shame that the difference remained pretty much on "paper" and not on the actual life, due to several reasons.

Chiara was due to come back home in the late afternoon so that we could join our friends to drive down to the beach and have a night out at the seaside, nothing special to be honest, but considering that I am not one of those hard core weekend travellers, it was quite a good effort.

Of course the weather had to turn sour and spoil it all, we are experiencing a very hot start of summer and of course today had to rain and go back to autumn standards, effectively spoiling all the day.

I also think that the fact that I just lazed about the new house all day did not help, I have eaten loads of junk food (that I managed to avoid eating after the surgery as I am trying to keep my weight under control), and did not exercise as I planned to...

Work-wise even if I was at home it was like if I was at the office, after all checking work related emails and calling your boss to complain pretty much about everything it's much better than staring at the wall.

I am leaving to Asia in 10 days, it's going to be yet another of those long trips that will take me around the world. I am starting to think that maybe I am not really enjoying this life anymore, travelling so much is spoiling any other travel that I do "off the job", and that it's not nice.

Holidays are also approaching and with them the eternal decision of having to chose where to go and what to do. Chiara would like to go just the two of us, I'd like to go in a group of people, as I think it's much more fun. As you can see the start it's not the easier that we could choose.

Money is also an issue, with increasing rumours that the company is going down the drain I feel a bit hard pressed on what to do : "shall I spend 2000+ euro on a trip, or shall I keep it a bit more on the sensible side?".

Comment 1

Sorry the weekend wasn't so good. Can't you do both? Go off with a group someone and just head out for a few days with just the two of you?

Posted by Simon W at 2009/06/02 12:45:12.

Comment 2

Simon W: Ciao Simon, yes this is what we are toying with at the moment... Let's say that there are other problems as well, such as the rumour that I might not get paid NEXT MONTH because the company doesn't have cash... So at the moment holiday talks are put on standby, at least from my side.... :P

Posted by Lox at 2009/06/02 21:46:27.

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