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Posted on 2009/06/12 05:06:07 (June 2009).

[Friday 12th June 2009]

I am in Yangoon for the first time of my life, as usual the fascination for a new place makes me think that I want to come back maybe to stay for longer, though the hard fact is that I haven't even set a foot out of the hotel since I arrived yesterday night.

I made the mistake of going to bed too early, 10,30 PM and woke up at 3 AM. Fortunately Chiara was on Skype and I spoke to her for a while, since all the mobile phones are blocked here and even my Gmail accounts are unreachable (all blocked), I could not even say that I arrived and that I was fine.

Soon after the talk with Chiara I went to the training hall, during this trip I must try my hardest to work in the gym possibly with weights, surely running or cycling. The leg is fine now, but I am still lacking some muscular tone and I am resolute to at least train my right leg as much as I can (I do not hope for some serious muscle building as it requires more programmed and precise training).

Breakfast was grand, I ate a lot, which brings the other light motive of this business trip, I need to try to loose 3 kilograms, I lost already quite a bit of weight thanks to the rehabilitation but usually business trips are terrible because you eat a lot of shitty things especially on the planes. My hope is that by eating a little less and the gym workout I can reach my goal.

Today meeting with clients and then tomorrow some Yangoon action, I hope that I can take a lot of pictures, there is a great material out there as the architecture is strictly Victorian/English but the surroundings are terribly tropical/Asian so the mix is quite interesting!

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