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Michael Jackson

Posted on 2009/06/27 14:18:07 (June 2009).

[Saturday 27th June 2009]

Yesterday Michael Jackson passed away.

I guess that I have never been a great fan of his latest songs, but I do recognize that with his first albums (up to Bad) he really changed pop music around the world.

I think that Thriller was the turning point for his career and eventually affected all much of the music that was produced after by other artists too.

I remember that the video costed something like a million dollar, that at that time was quite a great sum for a 5 minutes short movie.

The eyes that he showed at the end of the video were quite a touch and imagine for a 7 year old like me what an effect they must have had.

Surely music lost a great character, though much was said about his private life and the way he lead especially the latter part of his presence on this earth, the great artist remains.

Here in China, from where I am writing, the news of his death have been on all newspapers and tv shows. I guess that the same happened a bit everywhere and you must give credit to a man that gets so much coverage al around the world.

I want to remember a piece of one of his most popular songs, a piece that I especially like:

"If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change"

Farewell Michael, I hope that your afterlife is going to be a bit more easy than the one you've had on earth...

Comment 1

I am not a pop fan but once was when BLACK OR WHITE legend was changing the world.
Jackson's u've lost a SON, i have lost interest in POP.

Posted by Sisa UTA at 2009/10/23 10:29:00.

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