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Posted on 2009/08/07 10:56:46 (August 2009).

[Friday 7th August 2009]

Last day at work today, the mood in the company is like if we all were on the beaches getting sun tanned, but still some of us are here wrapping up things before the usual August break.

Me and Chiara are going to Jordan for 10 days, it should be quite an interesting trip that will take us around the place with a rented car. The whole thing was planned at the last minute because we had some problems with Chiara's job and we got "clearance" only last Tuesday, but all in all it should be a nice trip.

Tonight packing and tomorrow morning we will be off to Rome to catch a plane to Amman.

It's a long time I haven't been to a Muslim country, if we save Indonesia which is 99% Muslim but based in Asia, I remember the trip we made in Morocco a long time ago, one of the best in my life.

Also this one has been organized in the same way, no tours or anything, all made on guides, internet and other people's experiences, I would call it an "adventure trip" in a way.

Well, according to my English teacher in high school in my past life I used to be a FEMALE British ship monger that used to sail all over the world, so I guess that adventure is in my blood! :)

Comment 1

Bon voyage Lorenzo! What an interesting choice of place to go on holiday - I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures when you get back...

Posted by John at 2009/08/08 23:00:27.

Comment 2

Safe journey. Enjoy your trip, lucky bast.

Posted by Sheri at 2009/08/13 07:40:05.

Comment 3

Just checking comments on other people's blogs show up on @mds_comments...

Posted by John at 2009/08/15 13:04:27.

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