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Posted on 2009/08/23 17:01:35 (August 2009).

[Sunday 23rd August 2009]

Slow, a very slow day. One of those days where it seems that nothing can spark things up, one of those days when it seems that you are waiting just for "that" event or thing to happen, and everything is channelled just for the wait.

Tomorrow I will be back at work, one week earlier than I should, I have been quite good and planned out all the evening of next week with things to do (more or less), and even today I had lunch with my mum and grandmother (together with Chiara and Renzo, my mum's partner). Then this evening we are off to my dad's house to see him and his partner Fiorella, for more holidays tales and pictures to show.

Frankly speaking the whole "let's show some pictures" it's quite boring, for two reasons.

The first is that I have seen these pictures through and through so it gets a bit boring after the third time to explain how the trip was.

The second is that Chiara has more than 1500 pictures taken with her camera, and since she did not have time to make a sensible selection going through the whole lot it's really boring even for us that went there. Having said that not that my 400 pictures are better, they are just "less".

This is one of the reasons why I tend not to like having holidays separated with the usual friends that we see all the time. Of course not always you can go together, but the big miss of having everything separated is the fact that you miss that "shared experience" extra value that is given by living certain moments together.

Last year the two of us, together with Gianfranco and Silvio, had a very good holiday (I think) and we still share jokes and memories about that trip.

Oh well, I guess that with the coming week all the "picture showing appointments" will be over with and life will tend to go back to normality.

I also have to worry to find myself a suitable sport to practice now that the knee recovery seems complete and I do not feel any more uncomfortable noises and little pangs of pain from my right leg.

Slow, 2 hours till we go to see my dad... Oh well I'll play some game on my Iphone!

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