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Posted on 2009/09/30 16:15:29 (September 2009).

[Wednesday 30th September 2009]

Since it has been quite a long time since I have not been writing anything I thought about giving a brief update of what is happening in this part of the globe.

Workwise things are not all that great, the company I work for is undergoing a very tough period and there are serious concerns that we'll be able to make it through 2010.
As if this is not good enough, I have grounded myself for a little, meaning that I do not need to travel until November.

Normally this would be a good thing because I have more time for myself, but all my schemes of using these few months to enhance my private life in Florence have fallen, mostly because it seems that all the things that I want to do (sport, cuban percussions, etc etc) are going to start in October.

I am going through a very "calm" period in a way, that sort of calmness that you KNOW is just the prelude to a good old storm.

Role playing games are going on well, as much as my Iphone apps search, I really like this piece of equipment, and I am sure that I will like it better when the data plan that allegedly my company has made for me is going to be activated.

During the weekend I will make visit to a place that is very familiar to me, Alghero in Sardinia. I have spent at least 20 summer holidays there during my life, because my grandmother and relatives are living there (and incidentally is one of the most famous holiday resort places in Italy). It's going to be a very strong trip down memory lane, I wonder if it's going to be a nice one or not to be fair... Those days were really something special, no worries, no school, just plain fun and holidays.

Now things are a bit different, with age comes responsibility, stress, worries, sadness. It's part of growing of course, and sometimes I wonder if that kid that did not have an Iphone, had a better life than the grown up kid that has one... Probably the comaprison is plain unfair, because at that time we didn't need much to spend a month in a total bliss...

We'll see what happens there!

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