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Planning a new trip

Posted on 2009/10/25 17:08:14 (October 2009).

[Sunday 25th October 2009]

And so we are again planning a trip to Asia, this time I have to go to the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Japan.

Manila is going to be a new entry, as I have never been there, and it's going to take 4 full days of the trip to cover, including a Saturday to go around the city.
The rest of the trip is going to be the usual rush around airports and clients, but that is something that I am quite used to now.

Leaving Italy for a little ("only" 19 days this time), it's probably going to do me some good, mostly because things at work are getting a bit "stale" and it has been quite a long time since I went to Asia (June/July was the last trip). Travelling is certainly one of the positive sides of my work, although, before you start envying me for travelling abroad, after the first two trips all becomes very "normal" and the only aspects that you tend to see are the sleepless nights and the long time spent on flights (also this time I am going to ride 10 planes, 1 bullet train and 1 ship in 19 days)...

How long can I keep this rhythm? I do not know, but I do not hide the fact that if I could find a "different" job it would be a nice change. In a way travelling so much means that you do not really have time to do the things that you like at home.

For example I was planning to start playing football again, in a very light and easy going way, just to move a little and also because I miss doing sports a lot. Well I could not find any team to play in, and just today my cousin might hook me up with some of his mates that I used to play with in the past. Yet, I am leaving in 8 days, so in any case I am going to be able to play only when I go back...

Oh well, joys and woes of the international jet-set traveller (as Rob would say)!

Last note goes for FELIX LANG: welcome mate, I hope to meet you sooner or later!!!

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