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Dear Santa

Posted on 2009/12/22 16:44:40 (December 2009).

[Somewhere near Christmas]

Dear Santa,

I have NOT been a good boy this year, I said a lot of blasphemies, swearwords, I pretty much broke every commandment that Christian religion has (well not all of them…), but then again I am not Christian so I do not care all that much, I have been sneaky, I have been malicious and we could continue forever so we will leave it at that.

On the other side I did a lot of good things that surely you are aware of and that I am not going to write either.

My list of wishes is quite short this year, I would love to have a little of “stability” in all aspects of my life, I’d love to be in the position to actually look at the future in longer terms rather than the “1 month mark” that I had to keep through 2009. I’d also like the standard serving of health, good luck, and good results for my job (whatever it may be) and if I am not too selfish I’d love to extend them to all my friends and family.

Of course I am sure that you’ll have some surprises ready for me in 2010, but that is part of life and it would be wrong to ask you to unveil them before their time.

That’s all for this Christmas!

Yours truly,


Comment 1

Here-here! :-))

Posted by Nigel at 2009/12/22 21:47:12.

Comment 2




Posted by Nigel at 2009/12/22 21:47:40.

Comment 3

Up yours, body!

Oh oh oh!

Posted by Santa at 2009/12/23 16:39:15.

Comment 4

(or is it "ho ho ho")

Posted by Blast! at 2009/12/23 16:39:52.

Comment 5

Sheri: I think it's the second one... :D

Posted by Lox at 2009/12/23 23:59:56.

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