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Dinner with Murder and the weekend

Posted on 2010/01/17 22:03:00 (January 2010).

[Thursday 14th January 2010 + W/E]

Me and Federico set off quite late on Thursday to go to Poggibonsi, a little village in the Siena province where we had to meet some of Federico's friends to go to the long awaited "Dinner with Murder" event that we tried to go to many times failing to do so.

The whole setting is quite interesting, a theatrical group rents a restaurant, that will be the actual stage, and that night the people who come to eat know that there is going to be a play that will end in a murder.

During the dinner (that wasn't certainly the highlight of the evening), the actors play their roles and you must be very careful at each thing they say and each behaviour that they have.
Then after the murder the first set of clues is given (medic report, some pictures, maps) and then the questioning of the suspects starts and everyone can ask any question related to the murderer, the history of the character that you are interviewing and so on.

Then another set of clues is given and you have 20 minutes to solve the case.

Well, believe it or not, our table WON and we guessed the right assassin and gave a lot of details that made us win 2 bottles of wine.

A nice night out, that I am looking at doing again if possible because it was really nice!

Then the weekend came, after a very very long week at work which really drained all my energies. Saturday night ended up very late, around 3 AM as I got talking to Alberto, the friend with whom I play Cuban Percussions, and Sunday was devoted to computer work (a little) and the usual football match (that ended very badly with Fiorentina loosing).

Next week is about to start, the issues at work are still there so I try to concentrate on other things, not work related...

Comment 1

Sounds like a really interesting event!! I'd love to see one of those in action. I've heard about them!

As for a change of job direction - I sympathise totally! :-)

Posted by Nigel at 2010/01/21 15:20:25.

Comment 2

Nigel: Much depends on the actors I guess but the whole things was rather interesting and fun! :D

Posted by Lox at 2010/01/21 17:59:12.

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