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The winning goal

Posted on 2010/02/01 22:22:01 (February 2010).

[Monday 1st February 2009]

Recently I have started playing football again. Many of you will say that it's completely stupid after having had 2 surgeries at my right knee, but the attraction to this game is stronger than my brain telling me what not to do and eventually I am on the pitch again.

The running, kicking, screaming and all things involved in a football match were, I have to say, dearly missed. I missed scoring goals and dribbling opponents, and why not having fights with defenders (I am a very dirty player I usually provoke...).

Last match was ok I guess but I probably asked too much to the right leg, and I ended up with a little swollen knee and some pain.

After a week things seemed ok and I played again, not overtaxing myself too much, and the pain and swell is still there, unfortunately.

But, and here the totally irresponsible Lorenzo comes out, it was an hell of a game! We won at the very last second with a quite splendid goal scored by myself that went right under the top corner of the goalposts. I think that in my career I never scored such a last ditch goal, I have to admit that it was quite a rush of adrenaline and joy altogether!

Now I am writing with the ice bag over my knee, hoping that it's just some weak muscle that cannot keep the knee in a right position, this is all because I like the game, I like my teammates and I'd like to keep playing for a little longer still...

There will be an end sooner or later, but this time I hope is not because of yet another injury, I think I had already my fair share!! :P

Comment 1

It's completely stupid...

You look like a moth attracted by the candle's flame :-(

Anyway I hope you'll get better soon

Posted by Federico at 2010/02/02 00:48:21.

Comment 2

Yeah, I go along with Federico! Utterly stupid! Don't start moaning, after that!
You need a good spanking, young man.

Posted by Sheri at 2010/02/02 07:08:24.

Comment 3

Oh I am not saying that it's normal or good. Addictions are bad whatever form they take... :(

Posted by Lox at 2010/02/02 18:32:51.

Comment 4

Still giving up gives me the creeps, it feels like if I have to quit on half of my brain, my physical fitness, my interests. It's something that I find extremely hard to do, unfortunately... :(

Posted by Lox at 2010/02/02 18:34:27.

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