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Black Tuesday

Posted on 2010/03/09 22:56:16 (March 2010).

[Tuesday 9th March 2010]

I do not know if today is going to be the lower point of my year (already), but I would quite love it to be so because at the time of writing the day it's almost finished.

The day started in a terrible way, I have been summoned by my directors and basically the told me that my biggest client, and one of the best of the company, will be given to a different person.

I spat blood to get this account, it was terribly hard work for 1 and half years, and now that the orders are coming they simply take it away from me to give it to this shithead director that was just waiting for it to boast how good he is.

Professionally I think that has to be one of the worst days of my life.

The funny point is that this client has been managed in a great way, even the people that decided to take it away from me told me so. I was furious of course and I vented my rage at a staff meeting in a very non-political way that got me "if someone doesn't believe in this group then I do not want to see him or her at this table during next meeting" (clearly addressed to me).

Then it started snowing massively, and I had to leave the office immediately, risked a couple of accidents during the way but manage to get home alive.

In the evening we had the tickets to go to see Fiorentina versus Bayern Munchen, during the first leg the Germs won 2 to 1 with a goal that was scored massively offside (3/4 meters), but of course since football is a third world sport there is no technology allowed to rectify these blunders. Still with a match to go some hope was still there.

Well the match was brilliant and Fiorentina won 3 to 2 but that is not enough to go through the quarter finals, because of the away goal rule. This of course made the evening totally bitter, as if the day was not bitter enough.

Now I am at home, pondering.

Of course the football match is just the icing on the cake, but the major analysis goes to the work itself.
Once again I have been professionally killed when things are going great (my results are honestly pretty good at the moment), I put so much effort in this job after so many bad experiences that I thought that things were starting to get stable a little.

Well, of course it is not the case, clearly.

I feel really empty. I got nothing, I didn't build up anything, I am left prey of these people that earn huge amount of money and that take decisions that affect my life.

I rest my case, I really threw away 35 years of my life and I feel like at a party when everyone leaves and you are left in an empty room with no friends.

Comment 1

Poor old Lorenzo... :(

Posted by John at 2010/03/11 16:02:03.

Comment 2

Lox, I'm sorry you're so disappointed, and I am sure that today you are better, because you can not base your whole life on job (or football). The job is what allows you to live better than a homeless, but it is not your life. Fuck the customer, you will have other. And fuck Ovrebo (http://www.corrieredellosport.it/Notizie/Calcio/98775/Ovrebo+ha+chiuso:+la+Uefa+lo+silura). Bye.

Posted by Fabio at 2010/03/11 16:07:27.

Comment 3

Thanks guys! As a matter of fact the problems at work gave a different insight into my extra-work life... We'll see what happens for sure I am leaving for 3 and half weeks to Asia tomorrow and everything is kind of postponed... For now.

Posted by Lox at 2010/03/11 22:57:29.

Comment 4

My sympathies Lox!

Posted by Nigel at 2010/03/12 09:52:33.

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