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Fake Chinese Luck

Posted on 2010/03/13 14:28:14 (March 2010).

[Saturday 13th March 2010]

The trip has begun, 25 days roaming around Asia is the next task in hand, fr those who follow my blog regularly there is a brief update on the situation described in the previous post.

Well, after much grieving and fighting the work related issue was "politically" resolved with my apologies to the top manager for my "not so professional behaviour" and an explanation on the "misunderstanding" (as bosses never make mistakes, they are misinterpreted at worst)that created the whole thing, and in effect the famous client that was taken off me should go back to my direct supervision...

Anyhow, with a lighter heart I set off to Asia thinking that MAYBE the spell of nasty luck was over, well, I was mistaken... Kind of.

After a SEVEN HOURS wait in Frankfurt to get my next plane to Hong Kong upon my arrival my bag was nowhere to be found.
Initially the staff said that they did not have a record on it being lost (which means that someone has stolen it!!), but eventually they found out that it was in ZURICH! Certainly a very bad start of the trip...

I am in HK with my boss, and I knew that the company has an insurance thing that covers up to 1500 Euro worth of shopping if the bag is delayed for more than 4 hours. After checking with all my colleagues I set off and went shopping for the grand sum of 700 Euro, buying designer clothes and stuff like that.

Eventually my bag was found and arrived after 7 hours to my hotel, so the insurance thing is covered (or at least it should be) and I am left with new items!! While I will not rejoice (I want to make sure 100% when I go back that the company is not going to charge me 700 euro and that the insurance really exists), the prospect that I might have gotten a free ride is quite nice! :D

Spirits rising a little!

Comment 1

So at "designer" prices that would equal .. a pair of socks and a new tie!! :-D

Hope things continue to improve, Lox!! :-))

Posted by Nigel at 2010/03/13 20:59:18.

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